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Training & Maintenance

Onsite training that helps your team achieve the consistency and accuracy you demand in your products.


Turnover is expensive – and so is the liability that comes with turning out sub-standard materials. No matter how high-quality your Miloptic equipment is, you must have knowledgeable operators who understand how to use it efficiently. This is why Miloptic offers onsite training.



  • Understand all Miloptic equipment with comprehensive walkthroughs and pointers on what to look for

  • Recalibrate existing equipment with detailed demonstrations

  • Adjust sensitivity from ½” to 5” based on use case

  • Properly maintain equipment for greater lifetime value

    Ongoing training lays the foundation for optimizing your Miloptic equipment. Training your workforce, after all, directly impacts your facility’s profitability, productivity, safety, liability, and efficacy.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our basic Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan – best suited for Miloptic systems less than three years old – includes regularly scheduled maintenance, usually 2 to 4 times each year. For newer Miloptic systems, PM services help prevent downtime while keeping equipment in warranty.

Preventive Maintenance+

Our Preventative Maintenance+ (PM+) plan also includes regularly scheduled maintenance, usually 2 to 4 times each year. The PM+ plan, however, is best suited for Miloptic systems 3 to 10 years old. If a defective part is identified during regularly scheduled maintenance and the technician has the part in hand, we replace the part at no cost to you.

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