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Non-destructive testing solutions for flooring products such as linoleum, bamboo, hard and softwoods, Formica, rubber, Marmoleum, and vinyl.

Opti-Floor Overview

Miloptic’s Opti-Floor ultrasonic machines review engineered and laminate flooring for inconsistencies and defects regarding the top synthetic resin-treated cellulose, wooden composite core (HDF), moisture barrier, and bonding resin. The Moulder Outfeed Installation inspects every individual piece for marginal bond and delamination. A noncontact, noninvasive scanner uses high-frequency, air-coupled ultrasonics to scan product at full moulder outfeed speeds. The unit can automatically mark the size and location of the defect, automatically remove it from production, create alarm outputs, and interface to the manufacturing plant’s mill net system.

Operating mills that purchased our systems 30+ years ago are still using the same Miloptic technology today.

Our tough-tested ultrasound technology was built to thrive in industrial applications. How tough? In our 40+ years in operation, our equipment frame has never broken, busted, rusted, or sustained damage to halt production.

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All our products are available for immediate purchase.

Lease to Own
Leasing our equipment frees up cash for other financial needs of your company. Maybe you have a new contract requiring blow detection, but you do not have the budget to buy new equipment. Our low-cost monthly lease options allow you to take on new business with minimal upfront out-of-pocket cost.

Short-Term Rental
Renting is recommended when equipment is needed for less than 2 years. Benefits include reduced out-of-pocket maintenance cost via included onsite maintenance and refreshes every 6 months.

Proper deployment of your Miloptic equipment is critical. Work with our parent company, Crow Engineering, and their installation and project management experts to ensure success. A skilled Crow engineer will work directly with your team to create a properly engineered and configured ultrasonic/ blow detection environment.



For more than 50 years, Crow Engineering has been designing for the forest and wood products industry. Engineering and design services include: overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement, machine and equipment engineering, and design, machine and equipment layouts, conveyor and transfer engineering and design, and more. Visit the Crow Engineering website at to explore additional services and details.

Turnover is expensive – and so is the liability that comes with turning out sub-standard materials. No matter how high-quality your Miloptic equipment is, you must have knowledgeable operators who understand how to use it efficiently. This is why Miloptic offers onsite training. 

  • Understand all Miloptic equipment with comprehensive walkthroughs and pointers on what to look for
  • Recalibrate existing equipment with detailed demonstrations 
  • Adjust sensitivity from ½” to 5” based on use case
  • Properly maintain equipment for greater lifetime value

Ongoing training lays the foundation for optimizing your Miloptic equipment. Training your workforce, after all, directly impacts your facility’s profitability, productivity, safety, liability, and efficacy.


Our basic Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan – best suited for Miloptic systems less than three years old – includes regularly scheduled maintenance, usually 2 to 4 times each year. For newer Miloptic systems, PM services help prevent downtime while keeping equipment in warranty.


Our Preventative Maintenance+ (PM+) plan also includes regularly scheduled maintenance, usually 2 to 4 times each year. The PM+ plan, however, is best suited for Miloptic systems 3 to 10 years old. If a defective part is identified during regularly scheduled maintenance and the technician has the part in hand, we replace the part at no cost to you.

Miloptic warrants to the Original Purchaser of the Miloptic product (herein called the “Unit”) that such Unit, and all parts thereof, will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment of the Unit to the Original Purchaser or (3) years from the date of installation if registration is completed, not to exceed a total of 39 months from date of shipment from Miloptic. During this three-year warranty period, Miloptic will, subject to the limits set forth below, pay crating and freight incurred in the removal of the Unit or defective component and shipment to Miloptic. Upon receiving a notification from equipment buyer, Miloptic will ship all in-stock replacement parts within 2 business days using Miloptic’s chosen carriers most economical solution. Buyer can request expedited shipping at buyers cost. Buyer is responsible for all labor related to such warranty events.

The term “Original Purchaser” as used herein means that person, firm, association, or corporation for whom the Unit was originally installed.

This warranty does not apply to any Unit or part thereof that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, or accident, such as accidental damage to the exterior finish, operated contrary to the recommendations specified by Miloptic; or repaired or altered by anyone other than Miloptic in any way so as to, in Miloptic’s sole judgment, affect its quality or efficiency. This warranty does not apply to any Unit that has been moved from the location where it was originally installed. The warranty is subject to the user’s normal maintenance and care responsibility as set forth in the Service and Installation Manual, such as cleaning the parts and components as recommended, and is in lieu of all other obligations of Miloptic. Miloptic neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for Miloptic, any other liability in connection with Miloptic’s products. Removal or defacement of the original Serial Number or Model Number from any Unit shall be deemed to release Miloptic from all obligations hereunder or any other obligations, express or implied. Parts furnished by suppliers to Miloptic are guaranteed by Miloptic only to the extent of our original manufacturer’s express warranty to Miloptic. Failure of the Original Purchaser to receive such manufacturer’s warranty shall in no way create any warranty, expressed or implied, or any other obligation or liability on Miloptic’s part in respect thereof. Under no condition does this warranty give the Original Purchaser the right to replace the defective Unit with a complete Unit of the same manufacturer or of another make. Unless authorized by Miloptic in writing, this warranty does not permit the replacement of any part with a part supplied by a third party, to be made with the part of another make or manufacturer.

Miloptic reserves the right to supply refurbished parts and components s needed.

The installation contractor shall be responsible for building access, entrance, and field conditions to ensure sufficient clearance to allow any hood(s), vent(s), or Unit(s) if necessary, to be brought into the building. Miloptic will not be responsible for structural changes or damages incurred during installation of the Unit or any non-Miloptic supplied equipment. Miloptic shall not be liable in any manner for any default or delay in performance hereunder caused by or resulting from any contingency beyond Miloptic’s control, including, but not limited to, war, pandemic, governmental restrictions or restraints, strike, lockouts, injunctions, fire, flood, acts of nature, short or reduced supply of raw materials, or discontinuance of the parts by the original part manufacturer.