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The name may have changed, but the innovation continues and the equipment never stopped running.

Miloptic has been in business for more than 40 years. Previously known as Automation Industries Corp and Trienco based in Montrose, CO, we support wood product manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. 

Miloptic designs, builds, and deploys ultrasonic devices capable of detecting blows, blisters, and other internal lack-of-bond defects in wood- and inorganic-based products. For companies that run flooring, board, furniture, and gypsum manufacturing facilities, these devices help improve product quality.

Our engagements typically begin with collaboration meetings to determine client challenges and needs. Based on these meetings, Miloptic suggests the most appropriate solutions to help our clients achieve success.

After system selection, Miloptic provides up to a full turnkey installation estimate based on system dimensions and desired placement in the building. These estimates are often paired with site plans, manufacturing process layouts, and other information that help our clients visualize the system within the plant.

Throughout the installation process, client receive maintenance and product training support from our experienced engineering teams. All our installation managers have hands-on construction experience in continuous processing facilities. We pride ourselves in being able to balance a great product design with practical installation.

Our team is here to help you meet and exceed your quality and profitability goals! Thank you for the opportunity.

“At Miloptic, our focus is on innovation and delivering experiences that keep customers coming back.”

Clyde Steffens, Founder & President of Ultrasonic Technology


Hunter Wylie

Hunter Wylie


Clyde Steffens

Clyde Steffens

Founder & President of Ultrasonic Technology

John Zeitlin

John Zeitlin

Vice President & General Manager